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A  Supernatural Mystery

Dark Comedy  Love Story

Something is brewing in Southwest Harbor, Maine.


Only two people know the truth about a tragic accident that claims the lives of a popular couple and one of them is dead. That doesn’t stop Cormac Boisverde from coming back from the Afterlife to set the record straight, even though he must make a gruesome choice to do it.


Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Grace Coffin moves to Southwest Harbor to finish senior year at Mount Desert Island High School and finds herself embroiled in a supernatural mystery, even as she struggles with her past and the emotional pressure cooker inside herself. Is Grace ready for an ally whose secrets are even darker than her own?

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5.0 out of 5 stars  I never knew a corpse could be so relatable

The entire premise of the story is so fresh even if narrator himself is in fact an un-dead reanimated corpse. This book is fun, witty, dark and will keep you up reading. Can't wait for the next!


5.0 out of 5 stars

I loved this book. I think it would be a great book for young adults! This book reeks of girl power! GIRLS can do ANYTHING! Can't wait to see what grace does next. Brings real life issues and the supernatural together for a fun read.

In Grace Coffin and the Badly-Sewn Corpse, we follow the life of Grace, and the death of one Cormac Boisverde, who built the house that Grace lives in. You should know that he is based on a real person, who is neither dead nor Undead, and I'm sorry for any confusion about that. Anyway, in this novel, he dies. Cormac decides to become Undead instead of going into the Afterlife, so that he can bring his wife's killer to justice. Meanwhile, Grace and her Mom move into his house and their stories begin to intersect.

Some people find the book funny, philosophical, gross, lighthearted, heavy or all of the above. I'm just glad you found it. It is also a love story, as Grace falls for the sweet boy next door. The book has serious moments, as she struggles with her own history of sexual abuse and eventually must confront her abuser as well as her own pressure-cooker of emotions. She transforms herself from victim to survivor in the process. Grace's journey invigorates a fresh debate at Mount Desert High and leads to a #MetooMDI revival.

Through the character of Cormac Boisverde, I get to explore the subject of mortality, as well as immortality and the gruesome concept of Undeath. His transformation is every bit as difficult as Grace's, and certainly more final. I like the idea that the Afterlife is one big place that can accommodate all faiths, and that through the course of our lives, we accumulate 'integrity points', which we can exchange in the Afterlife for better reincarnation offers or better Undead options. That is, essentially, Karma. Our good deeds, and our bad ones, are counted as a currency.


Cormac has to get used to being dead, and having a best friend who doesn't mind certainly helps. Everything is better with friends, particularly Wii Golf. Cormac's interest in Grace is avuncular. Through her story, he is able to get in touch with his own issues around sexual harassment and abuse, which, as it turns out is not the unique purview of women or victims. One way or another, every person who has loved a victim of abuse or assault shares in their journey.

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