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Flight of the Wren

A young woman's impossible quest will lead her to the end of the Viking Age

Hilja is just a little girl when the Norsemen come the first time. She's a teen and the Shaman's Apprentice when they return to take the rest of her village as slaves.

With her new friend, The Cursed Boy, she begins a journey that will lead her even farther than she could imagine.

Meanwhile, in Norway, the Witch of Vestfold, a secretive Seidr Woman, raises her kids in a cave as she tries to unlock the potent destiny of Lady Asta's son, Olav Haraldsson.

Young Prince Canute of Denmark goes to sea with his mentor, Thorkell the Tall of the mercenary Jomsvikings, while his father prepares his older brother Harald for the throne.

Across the breadth of Scandinavia, Flight of the Wren weaves a tapestry of history and fantasy that will bring you to the end of an era.


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Voyage of the White Bear

In Book 2 of the Flight of the Wren series, Hilja continues her quest, voyaging to Greenland in search of her mother and sister, held captive by a ruthless band of polar bear hunters.

On his thirteenth birthday, Olav Haraldsson steals a boat and conscripts a crew for his first raid, while his mother makes marriage plans with the Earl.

Prince Canute conducts diplomacy, trying to rally Denmark's allies for war in England, while his mentor Thorkell the Tall is torn between his love of the Queen of Denmark and his family obligations.

Lady Asta is married in most unusual circumstances, even as her son ships out with the Jomsvikings. The Witch finally becomes the monster everyone believes her to be, and all the threads come together at the sacrificial altar at the Festival of the Gods in Uppsala.

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Grace Coffin and the Badly-Sewn Corpse

Something is brewing in Southwest Harbor, Maine.


Only two people know the truth about a tragic accident that claims the lives of a popular couple and one of them is dead. That doesn’t stop Cormac Boisverde from coming back from the Afterlife to set the record straight, even though he must make a gruesome choice to do it.


Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Grace Coffin moves to Southwest Harbor to finish Senior year at Mount Desert Island High School and finds herself embroiled in a supernatural mystery, even as she struggles with her past and the emotional pressure cooker inside herself.


With a bubbling potion of tenderness, toughness, and dark humor, Grace Coffin invites us into her backyard, where Undead creatures lurk in the shadows, teenagers break their curfews and no one, it turns out, is perfect.

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Grace Coffin and the Undertakers

Southwest Harbor Maine is the perfect coastal village, complete with Goth Rock-playing teens, zealous Christian school administrators, and Undead denizens.


As Grace and Oliver pursue their dream to start a band, their songs attract unwanted attention from the Christian Right and the Undead Left, embroiling them in a sinister plot to bring down the veil between the living and the dead.


Grace’s Undead neighbor Cormac journeys to Mount Hope, Bangor’s historic cemetery, to collect his wife’s bones. He finds much more than he bargained for, enduring a grueling gauntlet of trials in order to return home in time to help his friends survive the Maine Monster Mash, a battle of Goth Rock bands.


In the second book of the Grace Coffin series, Winter Fox’s unlikely heroes help each other over the hurdles presented by life (and death) with humor, grit, and a little luck.

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Grace Coffin and the Ghostwriter

Out of the low-lying fog emerges a new mystery:


Cormac’s new venture, ‘Spirited Ghostwriting’ finally nets him a customer, and the story is dynamite. Famous movie star Isabelle Cake wants him to write her memoirs, which will ignite a powder keg of Hollywood secrets. 


Meanwhile, with her band on hiatus, Grace goes to work as a waitress for an upscale catering company and gets way too close a look at the secretive celebrity culture of Mount Desert Island, Maine.


Is Isabelle Cake in hiding, or is she being held captive? Why is she writing her memoirs now, when she’s still so young? Can Grace keep her blood cravings at bay long enough to help Cormac find the missing actress before it’s too late?


In this third book of the Grace Coffin series, we discover why Grace hates lobster, the importance of having internet in your crypt, and why it's not such a good idea to keep a working collection of Medieval torture devices.