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Flight of the Wren - eBook.jpg
At the turn of the millennium
a young Shaman's apprentice 
undertakes an impossible quest
Hilja's journey will take her to the
Land of the Giants, where she discovers 
that even the Norsemen must fight 
to preserve their way of life.
Weaving history with battles,
witchcraft, intrigue and romance,
Flight of the Wren is a sweeping epic
across the four corners of Scandinavia.
This flagship novel of a five-book series
 catapults readers into the past, where a diminutive
shaman must use all of her courage and lore to free her people.
Meanwhile in Norway, Hekka, The Witch of Vestfold
uses her craft to ensure the future of Lady Asta's son,
while her husband, Thorkell the Tall of the Jomsvikings  trains a young Prince to be King .
Flight of the Wren is coming on Amazon and Audible this June!
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