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For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of being an author has been narrating my audiobooks. As a professional musician and amateur stage narrator, I have spent my fair share of time in front of a microphone. But, until a few years ago, I have never narrated an audiobook. Sure, I read my kid a lot of bedtime stories, and that was really fun. But as an author, it is very satisfying to hear my characters come to life and imbue the dialogue with their unique voices and attitudes, to color the scenery with tonal inflection. It is also a process that I can do by myself, working in my treehouse (when it's not windy or raining). I record on my MacBook, using the GarageBand app, with an AKG C1000 microphone. It's a fun process, and if I make a mistake or garble words, I can simply 'rewind' and begin at the last paragraph or sentence break. I am grateful to have a following for these recordings, and I feel fortunate that the reviews for my narration have been  very positive. 


Recently, I have begun working on the Grace Coffin audiobooks, with the very talented actor and singer Annie Leonardi, who will narrate Grace's chapters. I especially look forward to recording GC and the Undertakers, where Annie will sing some of Grace's songs for the audiobook! Several new titles will come out on Audible this year, including Grace, as well as The Loom of Bones, and Return of the Black Swan, so keep checking back!

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