The Winter Fox Story

Hi, thanks for visiting. I am Winter and you should know that is a nom de plume, a pseudonym. Why do I use a pseudonym? Because I am a very private person and I live in a small town on a small island. Everybody knows everybody else's business here. Therefore, so I can continue to enjoy some privacy and not tell all my neighbors about my checkered past, you know me as Winter Fox.


Thanks for understanding. "Grace Coffin and the Badly-Sewn Corpse" is my first self-published title, and my first YA novel. I have just published two more Grace Coffin novels, and book 3, "Grace Coffin and the Ghostwriter" was sent to press in August 2019.

I have been working on "Flight of the Wren" for a few years now, and I am pleased to announce that this flagship novel of a five book series will be released this June! Book 2, "Voyage of the White Bear" is coming in November. It's been a really fun time, full of writing, editing, website design, and recording my very first audiobook. 

In my spare time, I enjoy walking my dog, rowing on Long Pond, playing music, cooking Chinese-themed dinners, and hitting stones with a mallet. Seriously, my day job is as a stone mason, and I do really love it. I also play Scrabble and bocce, and love to take nature photos (nature, not naturist...). I love a good Limerick, a bad pun, and a great turn of phrase. Every Beltane, I play music and lead dances for local Maypole events. 


This summer I will be building my office, a writer's den, if you will, out in the back lot by the big Urn. There, I will be able to write and narrate audiobooks undisturbed by ghosts and ghost hunters, UPS, and Jehova's Witnesses.


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