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Located in Southwest Harbor, Maine, on beautiful Mount Desert Island,  I am dedicated to your entertainment.

In 2018, I wrote and published the Grace Coffin series, which takes place right here in Southwest Harbor. I've been working on

Flight of the Wren and its sequels for a few years, and they are finally ready for publication.  Writing and publishing  is a never-ending class in grammar, style, packaging, web design, and, most importantly, humility. 

Only Haiku may be written perfectly in the first draft. Everything else needs improvement.

Having put several years of work into Flight of the Wren, I am determined to make the books as flawless as possible.

Along the way, I've learned a lot and stretched myself into new roles,

including Ad Man, Audiobook Narrator and Engineer, Publicist, and Salesman.

I have a new rack for all the hats I need wear to bring these books to fruition.

I hope you will enjoy the stories and share them with others.

All the best, Winter Fox

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