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Beta Readers and Street Team Members

Hi. Thanks for being here. You might want to be a Beta Reader or Street Team member. Let me tell about those two very important team member positions. Most authors start out with a few friends or family members who read and comment on their writings. Some develop a few fans, and I am very fortunate to be among those now, thanks to you. It takes time and investment to get books into the hands of people who want them. Emerging authors and bestsellers alike depend upon the support of their fans to share their books talk about them to friends and associates, even give the author commentary on the story or the storytelling. 

Beta Readers:  Are the first ones to see a new book manuscript. Some authors use fewer than five, some have a team of five hundred. I would like to try for thirty three, the number of vertebra in the spine. That seems like the right amount of support to me. Beta readers get to read the manuscript before the last edit. Their feedback on the story and the copy is essential to the book's development. Beta Readers are usually Street Team Members.


Street Team:  Members are crucial to making a successful book launch. They belong to a special mailing list and every time a book comes out, it will be pre-released at a discount price for a few days. Street Team members will go to Amazon and buy the discounted book, share on their social media platforms, and then read and review the book on Amazon as a 'certified sale' review. These sales and reviews give a new book a big bump on the enigmatic but omnipotent Amazon Algorithm, and the book will  be suggested to many other readers. S. T. Members also repost and review on their favorite book sites such as Goodreads, Booksy, etc.

Email me at to let me know if you want in!

Thanks a bunch for reading, WINTER

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